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I'm an author!

This is a movement

As a licensed acupuncturist, I have walked the breast cancer journey with several women, and those experiences have given me insight into the emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges too many women face. This book is about the unexpected education I received along the way coupled with what I have learned in the years since I have been providing breast exams.

Ladies, we have been lead to believe that mammograms are prevention; that we are not smart enough to be responsible for our breast health; that we are in mortal danger if we don't act quickly if diagnosed and that there is nothing we can do to prevent it. None of these things are true.

I learned that we have the power to stop this epidemic, but we are putting our efforts, dollars, and faith in the wrong places because we lack the education and information to make better choices.

This book is a guide to change the course of breast cancer in this country and possibly the world. Ladies, we can do this!

Welcome to the real fight. I am here to arm you with real weapons. 

Order your copy today on

 After you read the book, I invite you to join the conversation.


Why are women are choosing Sure Touch?

According to studies 47% of women surveyed are not getting their annual mammograms. While we understand the reasons - concern about the radiation, fear of false-positives especially with dense breasts, limitation of the areas examined, stress and anxiety while waiting for results and the potential pain of the process - we feel strongly that doing nothing is not ok. One thing we can all agree upon is that early detection is the key to saving lives. The earlier, the better. 

So what if you had a breast exam that eliminates all those objections, is affordable and will give you peace of mind? 

 SureTouch is an FDA-cleared breakthrough in breast screening technology that is safe and reliable. 

It is pain-free and radiation-free.

The SureTouch Breast Exam produces no discomfort, is radiation free, gentle and is performed while you recline comfortably on the exam table. As the SureTouch sensor glides over your breast tissue, it “feels,” any abnormal masses in the breast, whether those masses are just below the skin or deeper within the breast. SureTouch measures the reactive pressures generated by a cancerous tissue, which is more than 100 times harder than normal tissue. SureTouch can be compared to Hans Christian Anderson’s classic fairytale, “The Princess and the Pea.” The SureTouch sensor works by detecting differences in hardness under layers of softer tissue, much like the princess was able to detect a pea underneath multiple soft mattresses. While the survival rate for stage 4 breast cancer is 22%, the survival rate for stage 1 breast cancer is 98% -100%.

The good news is that with its advanced breast screening tactile technology, SureTouch can provide early detection of breast abnormalities.


SureTouch enables all areas of the breast to be comfortably and accurately examined. 

More than 50% of breast cancers develop in the upper outer quadrant of the breast which can be difficult to image using other imaging modalities. Because of the sensor design, SureTouch works well on all areas of the breast including in the underarm area and under the collarbone where the lymph nodes are located.

Immediate results means you have immediate knowledge about your breast health.

Unlike other screening tools, with SureTouch there’s no waiting for results! Instead, immediate digitalized results are available to you. With SureTouch, we can view the size, shape, hardness and location of breast abnormalities (or the lack of abnormalities) during the examination, thus facilitating peace of mind and, if necessary, the initiation of life-saving actions.  Women walk away from a SureTouch Breast Exam empowered with knowledge which, in the case of a breast abnormality, could save their lives.

Ideal for Women with Dense or Fibrocystic Breasts

Dense breast tissue makes breast screening more challenging because the accuracy of mammograms is diminished in dense tissue. SureTouch overcomes the density challenge and is accurate in women with dense breasts because it measures tissue hardness or elasticity, rather than density.

Women with fibrocystic breasts often have lumpy breast tissue that makes it hard to identify lumps that are significant. Fibrocystic and glandular tissue can be soft or hard depending on the hormonal cycle. SureTouch determines the hardness of tissue and compares it with surrounding tissue, and identifies masses that are abnormal and not part of the fibrocystic lumpiness. 

Hormonal Changes

Sometimes women with hard, lumpy tissue have a SureTouch exam and are asked to return in two weeks. A second exam allows SureTouch to identify lumps that are the result of hormonal changes versus masses that require a diagnostic test.

SureTouch is a great screening exam for younger women

The incidence of breast cancer in young women is increasing. Today, 1 in 229 women under the age of 40 are at risk for developing breast cancer, and increasingly younger women are seeking screening.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women do not have mammograms before the age of 40. This is because radiation exposure to women at an early age is dangerous – it’s been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer – and mammograms are very inaccurate with the dense breasts of younger women.

However, as many as 10% of all breast cancers will be diagnosed in women under the age of 45. This means that this year 20,000 young women under the age of 45 will be diagnosed with breast cancer before they ever had a chance at early detection of their cancers.

SureTouch is accurate in young women, has no radiation danger, is painless, easy, and can begin a lifetime and lifesaving habit of regular screening and self-protection.    

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Our greatest Challenge isn't the cancer

Of course, going through breast cancer treatment is a tremendous challenge. But as a breast wellness center and breast health educator I see another very troubling issue - our fear of breast cancer. We have been conditioned to be afraid and as a result we make hasty decisions and are often subjected to unnecessary procedures all because we are afraid to die. So let's break this down. First of all, you are going to die. We all are. And something has to kill us. It may or may not be breast cancer, it may or may not be today but eventually, that is one appointment we are all going to keep. So the question then is: how are you going to live? 

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Living in fear of the inevitable is a thief. It robs us of our present, it robs us of the ability to focus on the things that bring us joy in the moment, it robs us of our gratitude and especially, it robs us of our ability to make conscious choices. Fear puts us in reactionary mode. We agree to anything because we believe death is at the door when if fact, it isn't. How afraid are you of your PAP Smear? Do you know that in the 1930's women were scared to have PAP's? Why? Because up until then women were dying of cervical cancer because there was no test to detect it early. Since every woman knew a woman who died of cervical cancer they were afraid to find out. Today we go get our PAP and don't even think about it. If they find some early cancer cells, they freeze them, remove them and life goes on. Kind of wild, isn't it? We are not afraid of early stage cervical cancer, so why are we afraid of finding early stage breast cancer? What if we relaxed and adopted the same attitude toward breast cancer? The screening(s) give us information. If found early and accurately, treatment should be simple and successful. And life goes on.

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