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Prevention = 

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If only 3-5% of breast cancers are genetic, how do the other 95% happen?

Most cancers are triggered by diet and lifestyle. I urge you to look that up for yourself. Breast cancer is no different. However, no one single thing "causes" breast cancer. It's a perfect storm of several factors. So how can you "prevent" it? By reducing your risk. A tropical storm needs wind, rain clouds and warm open water to become a hurricane. Cool water and land prevent that from happening. By understanding and reducing your risk factors, you CAN reduce your risk and potentially prevent breast cancer from developing. 

Breast Health - We have Choices

Simple changes can make a big difference. 

What to avoid

Starve cancer

Cancer cells eat sugarIt’s a good idea for overall health to reduce your sugar intake. That includes fruit. If you need sugar, use real sugar not pink, blue or yellow packets. Cancer cells thrive in damaged, toxic tissue. That usually occurs from junk food,  prepackaged and processed foods, smoking, alcohol and stress. Take all processed and artificial foods out of your diet.   If you want butter or oil use real butter and natural oils. Since when are vegetables oily? Use olive, peanut, coconut, anything you can identify as real or natural. Excess estrogen fuels cancer.   Detox your diet with hormone free proteins and limit soy products. Avoid hormone replacement therapy for extended periods of time. (Acupuncture is very effective at controlling menopausal symptoms.)  Lose weight, especially belly fat. Fat cells make  estrogen. Watch for cosmetics that "soften" or "plump". They contain estrogen and don't have to put it on the package. Avoid x-rays especially to your chest. We all know that ionizing radiation causes DNA damage but did you know that the damage is cumulative? The more radiation the more DNA damage over time.

What to put in

Feed your immune system

Dehydration leads to poor organ function and impairs your detoxification process. It also causes fatigue, insomnia, constipation, indigestion, headaches, bloating, bad skin, the inability to lose weight, the list goes on. Work your way up to ½ your weight in ounces of water per day. Eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts – they clear estrogens. Have your green drink in the morning to nourish your cells with cancer fighting nutrients. Supplements to take daily, Vit. C, Vit. D, Fish Oil and Turmeric. These are our foundational immune builders and anti-inflammatories. 

Find Balance


A healthy immune system can neutralize cancer cells. Poor sleep is a killer on so many levels. Our bodies repair when we have uninterrupted, restful sleep. Click here for more information about sleep. Cancer cells have an ideal environment – fatty tissue that is hot and has poor circulation. Breasts confined to bras all day create this perfect environment. Take the structured bra off in less than 12 hours and don’t wear one at all on your lazy days at home. Massage your breasts when you bathe to promote circulation. Click here for more facts and fiction on bras and breast health. Balance work and play. Get out in nature for 10 minutes a day. It will reduce stress and boosts your immune system. If you don't have time for fun, Release emotions trapped in your body. They create harmful biochemical stress. Especially unexpressed anger and constant fear.